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Ice Chips: Five Early Fantasy Signs

October 10, 2008 | By Steven Ovadia | comment on this post

Notwithstanding the action in Europe last week, the puck officially dropped Thursday night and while it’s still way, way too early to draw any fantasy conclusions, a few things made themselves clear:

1. You really can’t go wrong with a Detroit Red Wing. Tomas Holmstrom put up two goals in the Wings opening night loss to the Leafs. So while the loss was surprising, at least feel confident in your flying wheeled investment.

2. Phoenix trading centre Mike Zigomanis to the Pittsburgh Penguins seems to indicate Jordan Staal will be relieved of his more defensive responsibilities so that he can concentrate entirely on offense. Staal picked up an assist in Sweden and while it seems a shame to waste so much defensive talent, I suspect the Penguins are trying to avoid confusing the forward by forcing him to worry about his two-way game. The Penguins want to take defense off his plate. Staal continues to be a strong buy.

3. Speaking of Phoenix, it looks like Shane Doan will be playing with rookie Kyle Turris. According to ESPN, Turris isn’t a widely held pick, so if you’ve got space on your roster, he might be someone to consider.

4. If Flyer goalie Marty Biron is on your roster, think long and hard if you still want him. The Flyers just lost defenseman Randy Jones to hip surgery. Defenseman Ryan Parent has a torn labrum in his right shoulder. The Flyers might have to invite fans to play defense for them. Like maybe in a nightly contest. To be honest, I don’t have the details worked out. I just know I wouldn’t want to be the guy behind this potentially porous defense. Be careful with Biron.

5. Calgary has chemistry problems. From Todd Bertuzzi starting the season as a -3 to Miikka Kiprusoff giving up six goals in the opening game, early signs point to potential problems brewing in Calgary. Look at all the Flames on your roster (not named Jarome Iginla) and see if they’re really helping your team.

The Week Ahead

  • Saturday, Montreal takes on Toronto, guaranteeing another year without Canadian unity.
  • Saturday also sees the Blues take on the Islanders, although it might be more competitive if both teams work together to take on the Pee Wee team that plays between periods.
  • Sunday, San Jose takes on Los Angeles, guaranteeing another year without California unity.

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2 Responses to “Ice Chips: Five Early Fantasy Signs”

  1. [...] I kind of wish I was an NHL defenseman this season. They sure seem to be in short supply. The Lightning are expected to sign Marek Malik this week. Malik was unsigned at the start of this season but I guess teams are getting more desperate. Malik was pretty immobile last season. I can’t imagine what he’s like now, with all of that rest. He might have sprouted roots already. The Flyers, who also needed blueline help, traded for Andrew Alberts. And don’t forget, the New York Rangers have gone 5-0 without carrying an extra defenseman. Meanwhile, the Blackhawks are fighting the defenseman-as-rare-element trend by converting blueliner Dustin Byfuglien to a forward. For some NHL teams, that must be like watching someone light a cigar with 100-dollar bills. It’s not all about your defenemen, though. Adian Dater reminds the Avs that they should spend some money on goalies since it’s kind of an important position. Also, Tampa rookie Steve Stamkos is keeping a blog for The Tampa Tribune. In his first entry, Stamkos talks about how hard it is to find a place to live. If he thought that was hard, wait until he finds out he’s putting up Malik for a few weeks. Finally, over on RotoRob, my five early fantasy hockey signs. [...]

  2. [...] I k­ind o­f­ wish I was an NHL def­ensem­an t­his seaso­n. T­hey­ sure seem­ t­o­ b­e in sho­rt­ sup­p­ly­. T­he L­ig­ht­n­in­g­ a­re exp­ect­ed t­o­ sig­n­ Ma­rek Ma­l­ik t­his w­eek. M­a­l­ik w­a­s­ un­s­ign­e­d a­t th­e­ s­ta­rt of th­is­ s­e­a­s­on­ but I gue­s­s­ te­a­m­s­ a­re­ ge­ttin­g m­ore­ de­s­pe­ra­te­. M­a­l­ik w­a­s­ pre­tty im­m­obil­e­ l­a­s­t s­e­a­s­on­. I ca­n­’t im­a­gin­e­ w­h­a­t h­e­’s­ l­ike­ n­ow­, w­ith­ a­l­l­ of th­a­t re­s­t. H­e­ m­igh­t h­a­ve­ s­proute­d roots­ a­l­re­a­dy. Th­e F­lyer­s, wh­o also n­eeded b­lu­elin­e h­elp, traded f­o­r An­drew­ Alb­erts. A­n­d do­n­’t­ fo­rge­t­, t­h­e­ N­e­w­ Yo­rk Ra­n­ge­rs h­a­ve­ go­n­e­ 5-0 w­it­h­o­ut­ ca­rryin­g a­n­ e­xt­ra­ de­fe­n­se­ma­n­. Mea­nw­hile, the Bla­ckha­w­ks a­re f­ig­hting­ the def­ensema­n-a­s-ra­re-element trend by co­nve­rt­ing b­l­ue­l­ine­r Dust­in B­yfugl­ie­n t­o­ a fo­rward. Fo­r­ so­me­ N­H­L t­e­ams, t­h­at­ must­ be­ like­ wat­c­h­in­g so­me­o­n­e­ ligh­t­ a c­igar­ wit­h­ 100-do­llar­ bills. It’s­ n­o­t a­ll a­bo­ut y­o­ur def­en­emen­, tho­ug­h. Ad­ian­ D­at­er­ r­emin­d­s t­h­e Av­s t­h­at­ t­h­ey­ sh­o­uld­ spen­d­ so­me mo­n­ey­ o­n­ go­alies sin­ce it­’s kin­d­ o­f an­ impo­r­t­an­t­ po­sit­io­n­. A­l­s­o, Ta­m­pa­ rooki­e­ S­te­ve­ S­ta­m­kos­ i­s­ ke­e­pi­n­g a­ bl­og for The Tamp­a Tri­bu­n­e. In h­is fir­st­ e­nt­r­y, St­am­k­o­s t­alk­s ab­o­ut­ ho­w­ hard i­t­ i­s t­o­ fi­nd a place­ t­o­ li­ve­. If he tho­ug­ht that was­ har­d­, wait until­ he find­s­ o­ut he’s­ putting­ up M­al­ik fo­r­ a few weeks­. Finally, o­­ve­r­ o­­n RotoRob­, my­ fiv­e ea­r­ly­ fa­n­­ta­s­y­ h­ock&#…. [...]

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