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Win The Darkness II on Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3!

February 8, 2012 | By Herija Green | comment on this post
Win The Darkness II
Embrace the Darkness…

One of the most eagerly anticipated titles of the new year, The Darkness II, has finally arrived on both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. That’s the good news. The better news is that we’ve got two copies (one 360, one PS3) to give away courtesy of the good folks over at 2k Games!


STEP 1. Post a comment below containing your console preference and @Twitter name. Those without Twitter accounts are still eligible, but you must include a valid email address when posting (so we can contact you if you do win).

Sample Comment

Xbox 360

STEP 2. ReTweet the following: Win @2KGames’ The Darkness II on Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 from @VideoGamerRob! RT and enter here — #vgr2kd

Each weekday (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Monday) that the contest runs, you can RT this to gain an entry, up to four maximum. You are, of course, welcome to RT on the weekend as well, but we won’t be monitoring it for entry purposes. Please make sure that the #hashtag is included so that we can track your RT.


Winners will be selected at random on Monday, February 13. All entries must be submitted by 8 p.m. EST/5 p.m. PST on Monday. Please note that although anyone can enter you must either be following me on Twitter or submit a working email address to win.

***IMPORTANT*** Because we are giving away physical copies of the game (as opposed to download codes), only residents of the United States and Canada are eligible to enter and win.

Good luck!

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249 Responses to “Win The Darkness II on Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3!”

  1. Jeff W. says:


  2. John J. says:

    Playstation 3

  3. David says:


  4. James says:

    Xbox 360

  5. bs000 says:

    Xbox 360

  6. Paul K says:


  7. Dane says:

    I’m in for sure. No twitter, but my email is valid!

    Xbox 360

  8. Ben C says:

    xbox 360


  9. shannon zarsang says:

    My favorite is the wii.. little kids can play as well and it def helps the family bond :)
    Twitter: SERENLPITY

  10. Thomas says:

    Xbox 360

  11. Angelica says:

    Xbox 360

  12. @largondw says:

    xbox 360

  13. Roberto says:

    Xbox360 please. @betobuster435

  14. John A. says:

    Trying for this one.

  15. Lubis says:


  16. Judy says:

    Xbox 360

  17. Ruuku says:

    Xbox 360

  18. Anteater97 says:

    Xbox 360


  19. Bipple says:

    Xbox 360

  20. Brian says:


  21. Nora says:

    Xbox 360

  22. Devin G says:


  23. Wchillinman says:

    XBOX 360

  24. Jon says:

    xbox 360

  25. Rick says:

    Xbox 360

  26. CrucialCalamity says:

    Xbox 360


  27. A Parker says:


    Ps3 @Dontjudgemyadd

  28. Abbe says:


  29. B007H says:

    @B007H – PS3

  30. memku says:

    Playstation 3

  31. Letsgetacid says:

    Xbox 360

  32. busterkuri says:

    Xbox 360

  33. Josh says:

    Xbox 360

  34. Chris grove says:

    Xbox 360

  35. Teburninator says:


  36. Ryan says:


  37. Jared says:

    XBOX 360

  38. Kirkpad says:


    Is this comment posting?

  39. Flak says:

    Xbox 360


  40. Torey says:

    Played The Darkness and really looking forward to this one!
    Xbox 360 or PS3

  41. kitlerc says:

    Xbox 360


  42. Kyle says:

    Xbox 360

  43. J.L. says:


  44. KEVIN L. says:


  45. Slate Soda says:

    Xbox 360

  46. andybam0 says:

    Xbox 360

  47. Jon D. says:

    PlayStation 3

    Thanks for these amazing contests & the chance to win!

  48. Jake T says:

    Xbox 360

  49. Tristan K. says: