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Podcast: The Promotion of Dustin Ackley

June 20, 2011 | By Tim McLeod | comment on this post
Desmond Jennings is awaiting his chance with the Tampa Bay Rays.
Desmond Jennings’ return to the Rays has been delayed, but should happen soon.

It was another Sunday night and what would the end of the week be without the opportunity to spend some quality bonding time with my good friends Rich Wilson and Tony Cincotta on the FantasyPros911 show on Blogtalkradio? Where else can you not only catch up on the latest news from the world of baseball but also expand your vocabulary and learn the definition of such everyday words as dubious, ambivalent, and anemic.

Other than the immediate big news (Albert Pujols’ injury), we got the ball rolling by taking a look at Interleague play and the various pros and cons that seemingly never end when this topic is broached. Is it good for the game and the fans? Opinions are always divided on this topic, but as Fantasy owners it is part of our game and something that we have to deal with over the next several weeks, so deal with it we do.

The topic of realignment has been in the news lately so we spent some time looking at the various issues involved on the table. Do the latest recommendations make sense and is there a possibility that some of these suggestions will move beyond the talking stage?

What would an evening be without a discussion on prospects? We reviewed the recent promotion of Dustin Ackley and — amazingly — we were all on the same page. Remember this date as the three of us agreeing on anything has to be one of the Seven Signs. We also took the opportunity to review and share our thoughts on Desmond Jennings, Trayvon Robinson, Matt Moore, Paul Goldschmidt, and Leonys Martin. The June rush of call-ups is nearing a close, but there are always prospects chomping at the bit and nearing big league promotions.

The closer situation in Toronto, the future of Joel Hanrahan in Pittsburgh, and the resurgence of J.J. Hardy carried us through the next segment of the show. I finally had the opportunity to explain our team name in the FP911 Dynasty League and when you’ve chosen “Hot for Hardy” an explanation is in order.

Wrapping things up, we moved into our two-start pitcher segment. This week we took a look at Juan Nicasio, Livan Hernandez, Kyle McClellan, Fausto Carmona, and Andrew Miller. Is there potentially a better pickup in H2H leagues this week than Miller?

The full evening’s festivities can be found by clicking on the play button below.

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4 Responses to “Podcast: The Promotion of Dustin Ackley”

  1. Rich Wilson says:

    Pretty good typing for a guy who supposedly has an Albert Pujols type wrist fracture. Are you sure you’re not just goofing off???

    Tim as usual brought his brilliance to the show with a great breakdown and analysis of why Desmond Jennings is not up yet, but will be within 10 days. That part of the show is worth the price of admission…er, I guess we’d have to charge for the show for that to be true…

  2. Tim McLeod says:

    Unlike Albert-who thrashed around on the ground-I picked myself up quickly and ignoring the pain looked around to see how badly I’d just managed to embarass myself. Not having a current picture the best I can do is have you change the date on this one and it more than works.

    Thanks again for the positive feedback Rich and I’m already looking forward to next weeks show!

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